Buy Your Dream Home Before Selling Your Current Home

Your biggest dilemma when buying another home is deciding whether to buy first or sell first. Either way is risky because you could wind up owning two homes or none at all.

Clients who are buying and selling at the same time typically need to sell their existing house before they purchase their new home. They have to qualify for both mortgages, have the down payment saved separately, and pay for home preparation to be ready for the market. When they find their dream home, it’s not uncommon for clients to lose out to other buyers, especially in today’s competitive market.

Our Team has a program that solves this dilemma.....

What if you could buy your new home before selling your current home without paying two mortgages during the process?

Fill out the form on this page to see if your home qualifies for this amazing program.  If your home qualifies, you become a Power Buyer, so you can expect the following:


You’ll have the power and certainty to buy with an offer that competes with cash and a buy first, sell later timeline. 


Instant gratification to home buying

  • No living through showings and repairs
  • No short-term rentals
  • No losing dream homes to stronger offers

 Cost savings

Win a bidding war without paying more. Plus, no paying for double moves or double mortgages.

Find Out If Your Home Qualifies Today!

Please add any details about your home that will affect it's value in the comments section.
Example: Granite counter tops, tile flooring, updated bathroom, roof is only 2 years old, etc...

Find out if your Home Qualifies:
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